Climbing Rwenzori Mountains through Ibanda gate starts at Nyakalengijo headquarters (1615m). Through this trail (gate) one can do two optional Rwenzori treks. The first option is trekking the Mahoma trail loop (highest point at (3515m) that takes three days two nights. The second option is trekking the central circuit that takes 7 days (central circuit) or 8 days (up to Margarita peak – 5109m)

Ruboni community camp will organize your trek both on the three days two nights trek on Mahoma trail or on the 7 days central circuit trail that can also go up to margarita (8 days).  Please feel free contact us if you want us to arrange your trek or if you need suggestion of the tour operator who can manage your Margarita trek and any other Rwenzori trekking tours to the higher peaks.

You can view the optional itineraries of the respective tours here;

Other trekking options are the one day nature walks. These can be organized by Ruboni community camp in partnership with the national park rangers. These walks will take you into the park and you return to the base camp on the same day. For options that involve enjoying the Rwenzori without entering into the park, Ruboni community camp has three optional village treks that include a forest walk, a hill climb trek up to 2400m on the community peak and a village walk. You can view the community trekking activities here.