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Ruboni Camp after the Covid-19 lockdown and a re-opening price reduction

Like about everywhere in the world we had to close our Camp. The positive sign, here in the Rwenzori region where Ruboni Community Camp is located, is that even uptill now not any Covid-19 case has been recorded. It is safe and will stay safe to travel as we are at the end of the road in the western and not densely populated outskirts of Uganda. Besides, to enhance the safety our staff and households have kept isolated, they continue disinfecting and they keep all global/national health precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ruboni Community Camp is prepared to open as soon as the government declares it safe for lodges and travel to re-open. For the guest the opening time will mean that they visit a totally up-dated camp. Mid last year we started planning up-grades and ameliorations of structures. Partly these were executed in the lower season and the Covid-19 lockdown gave us the possibility to complete all the efforts.

view of portal peaks from the camp

Guestrooms, restaurant, lighting in the camp, landscaping as well as the kitchen standards have been uplifted. At the same time the staff and facilities have been boosted to provide you, say, the best service in the Rwenzori area, while ensuring high level hygiene, comfort safety and standards for you, the community members and the environment.

After the re-opening of the Rwenzori tourist area, Ruboni Community Camp will offer a 50% reduction off the normal accommodation rates of the camp for a period of three months. So it will be easy and affordable to discover our area, in fact un known by many, and to make acquaintance with our total updated Camp, our services, our walks, the Bakonzo people and its culture.

Discounted prices

For this special period, we have done the following :

  • Lowering the normal price by over 50%
  • Setting the structured rates in three categories according to citizenship

The three price categories are :

  • Ugandan citizens (UC)
  • Foreign residents (FR)
  • Foreign none residents (FNR)
Accommodation bed-only
Banda  (Self-contained)20$10$25$   12.5$25$   12.5$
Cabins (self contained)20$10$25$   12.5$25$   12.5$
Room (none self-contained)15$    7.5$20$10$20$10$
Camping (with own tent)5$5$5$
Discounted price per person /occupancy


Forest walk5$7.510Person
Day hill trek 5$7.510Person
Overnighthill trek50$75$90$Person
Village walk10$12.5$15$Person
Traditional dance30-50$30-50$30-50$Performance
Mahoma trek Rwenzori310$390$460$Person
Discounted activity price per person


This discount offer will run for 3 months from the date of lifting the lockdown and will not in anywayreplacing the normal rack rates or tour operator rates. All RuboniCamp rates are in USD and can be paid in both Uganda shillings (at the market exchange rate)and or US dollars, in cash or by credit card.

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