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Budget Accommodation near Queen Elizabeth national park

Our new accommodation at Queen Elizabeth National park is now open. It is called the elephant home. The elephant home offers clean and spacious self contained rooms in the same price-range as Ruboni community camp.

Over the years, your support has made Ruboni community camp thrive in the tourism market. We have used your support to implement many community development and environment conservation projects as we provide one of the best hospitality services on the Rwenzori Mountains in our authentic experiences.

Using the same support you give us, we have managed to support our sister community to open up an accommodation near queen Elizabeth national park called the elephant home, under the same concept of using tourism as a vehicle for conservation and community development. For your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park, we will be happy to book you in the Elephant home or you can book them directly here. The elephant home offers accommodation, meals, and handicrafts sales, community tours outside the park and wildlife safari activities inside the park.

This is another reason to support us further because every coin you put in our business reaches further to the grassroots residents to conserve and provide the most needed services for the people living near the park.

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