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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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Ruboni Community Camp is proud to be causing the most needed changes in the local villages around Rwenzori Mountains National park. Since the camp is fully owned and run by the local community, all the profits generated go back into the support of the community conservation and development initiatives.

This income goes back to the community in a number of ways;

1- Salaries and wages to the workers. 100% of the workers are from the local community.

2- Purchase/ market for the local produce and services required by the camp during all operations. These include foods, crafts, demonstrations and other part time services.

3- Supporting community development and conservation projects initiated by the community and within the community according to their own identified and felt needs. These include, skills training needs, household economic empowerment projects, awareness raising. Different projects are supported at different times basing on the timely needs of the community and available budget. please contact us to find out which projects are being supported now or at your visit time and find out how you can participate.

The projects of Ruboni Community Camp include;

-Child education sponsorship:

-Indigenous forest conservation:

-Sustainable agriculture and agro-forestry:

-Skills training and conservation awareness raising:

-Garbage/ waste collection and management:

-Revolving livestock scheme on the households:

-Womens saving schemes and Microfinance:

-Sustainable tourism business development:

These projects are collectively identified by the community that benefits from them. Ruboni community Conservation and Development Program, a program supported by Ruboni Community Camp, then looks for partners who work with the project to supplement the local resources.

Our partners and supporters include the following;

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA)

The Kasese district local government (KDLG)

Rwenzori mountains national park (RMNP)

Rwenzori Development Foundation (RDF)

Rwenzori Trust (RT)

Environment conservation trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST)

We are proud to demonstrate community involvement in planning, owning and managing a local project that helps to improve local lives sustainably.